If your business needs more customers, more user-friendly ways to interact and reach your customers then you have come to the right place

Our Services

Web Apps

Ensure your website is efficient and works the way you and your customers need it to.


We host full-featured Websites and APIs to Micro and Pico apps.

Mobile Apps

Development mobile apps for the Google Play Store or Apple's App Store.

Website Design

We can create beautiful websites, applications, company branding and marketing materials.

Digital Consultancy

Looking at a big digital project? We can advise, take in house or project manage your digital projects.


The more businesses automate the more we need applications to time save on tasks, we can help lift your business to the next level with automated processes.

Advertising Management

We started back in 2019 solely managing really successful businesses online social media and PPC advertising platforms and we have managed to grow our client bank year-on-year.

Social Media Management

Busy creating great products or services? Great! We can manage all platforms that show your businesses great products or services.


Who are Soana?

We are based in the heart of Glasgow, helping businesses grow their online presence, digital capability and most importantly their customers digital experience since early 2019. We originally started in 2019 helping businesses with their online presence and online advertising services such as social media and PPC but as the pandemic approached we noticed a major gap in the market for companies wanting more than just a good-looking website or app, so we adapted to add various other services such as digital integrations, web apps, mobile apps, software development, hosting and much more meeting a lot of exciting businesses along the way.

We help businesses showcase their great products or services to future and current client bases, attract the right audience and at the right cost per acquisition.

We have a fantastic innovative and creative team at Soana from various backgrounds to support your business with design, implementation and construction of digital presence and online user experience.

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